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A group of designers, programmers, writers and artists creating websites to make a difference.

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Our flag-ship project, it's a North America-wide database of lost pets. It's easy to use, good-looking and built for the mobile web.

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For the 42nd Canadian General Election, we built a website to connect Vancouverites with their candidates.


A website to spread a TED talk on the International refugee system to every politician in the world.

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Laef is a programmer, designer and writer. He handles the code, contact & relations and some social media.

You can find Laef on Twitter as @betterlaef, on Medium as @laef and on Product Hunt as @laef. He also blogs on politics, society, programming and writing.

Stefan is a designer, artist, techy-person and tester. He designs and creates mock-ups and does some social media.

You can find Stefan on Twitter as @betterstefan.

Alin is a designer and tech-person. He works on some of the art, images and design.

You can find Alin on Twitter as @betteralin.

We need help coming up with good ideas.

You might have an idea for a website that could revolutionize kindess, or maybe just something to help your friend find an stem cell donor. Perhaps you want to stop gang shootings in your community, or maybe fix the too-high rent. Send us an email, and we'll see how we can help.